Justin Moore Isn’t Ready To Introduce His Kids To Technology

Any parent with kids struggles to decide when is the right time to get them a cellphone, or allow them on social media, and Justin Moore is no exception.

Justin’s a dad of four, and his eldest is nine, so he’s not ready to expose them to too much technology yet, although he does say they got nine-year-old Ella an iPod, noting, “She’s still so young – well, at least I believe she’s naïve enough to only think that it’s for playing music.”

Justin’s not sure when is the right age to introduce his kids to technology, but he suspects it will be awhile. “I’ll probably be later than some people just cause we’re a little more overprotective or something,” he says. “I say that, but heck, she may have one next week. You never know, but at least it’s our goal to hold it off as long as we possibly can.”

Source: Justin Moore

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