Jessie James Decker Gets Emotional About Body-Shaming

Jessie James Decker is upset after finding out about a Reddit thread dedicated to body-shaming her. Taking to her Instagram story, the singer breaks down in tears over the cyberbullying.

Decker says someone pointed her to the Reddit thread, where people are “ripping every little thing” about her apart “on a daily basis,” like calling out her weight and accusing her of editing her pics. She sees herself as a “strong, confident person,” but admits it’s “hurtful” to see all the comments about her body – especially since her weight is something she “used to obsess over.”

“It’s pretty awful, and I cannot believe this is still happening in the world — that people are doing this,” she adds. “It’s bullying and it’s not OK. I hope my daughter doesn’t grow up in a world where people do this to her because it’s wrong.”

Source: Jessie James Decker

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