Jason Isbell Blasts Van Morrison, Covers “Into The Mystic”

Jason Isbell is not happy with Van Morrison. As we told you, Morrison recently released two anti-lockdown songs, and insists the government should stay out of things and allow people “freedom of choice” when it comes to COVID-19.

Well, that didn’t sit well with Jason who, during wife Amanda Shires’ “I So Lounging” livestream series, has a few choice words for Van.

“There was a time in the past when our dear Van Morrison had such beautiful music, such beautiful songs, that everyone paid attention to him,” Isbell said. “Now that that time has passed, I fear that our dear Van Morrison is still desirous of the attention that he once received,” adding, “So now he likes to say things like, ‘The government asking you to not give everyone the Covid-19 virus is akin to slavery.’ I disagree with that statement very much.”

Isbell then covered Morrison’s “Into The Mystic,” noting, “I’m gonna do this song in remembrance of when Van was merely not nice and wasn’t public about his denial of science.” He then put on a ski mask and added, “I don’t know that this’ll protect me from the virus, but I’d like for it to protect me from Van.” 

Source: Yahoo

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