Jason Aldean Explains Why He & Wife Won’t Be In Reality Show

There have been rumors that Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany were going to take part in a “Real Housewives of Nashville” reality show, but Jason is putting the speculation to rest once and for all. 

During an appearance on on Apple Music’s “The Ty Bentli Show" Jason admitted they talked to producers about it, but in the end declined. He explained,  “They were interested in having us on the show, and I think Britt and I just kind of talked, and for us personally, it wasn’t the right kind of thing.”

Jason says they didn’t like the idea of having people in their house constantly, adding, “Our life is pretty good. I feel like a lot of times those shows are full of drama, and things that I didn’t really want to bring into our life.”

But while they aren’t starring in it, he says they do have friends taking part so, “we’ll probably be popping in and out on some things I’m sure just by association.”

Source: Sounds Like Nashville

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