Jana Kramer Still Has Major Trust Issues With Husband

Jana Kramer and hubby Michael Caussin detailed their latest marital troubles on her podcast “Whine Down,” specifically the fact that Michael deleted topless photos someone (possibly a bot) sent to his phone without telling her. While Jana said they were “good, and have grown stronger from it,” it sounds like that may not necessarily be true. 

In the latest edition of the podcast, Jana admits things are still a bit shaky in their relationship, noting the whole thing “made my anxiety worse,” and adding, “I’m to the point of, like, literally a nervous breakdown, where I just can’t physically handle it anymore.”

And what’s worse, it’s really testing Jana’s ability to trust her husband, admitting that it may never get better. She explains, “I told Michael the other day, I was just like, I don’t believe that there won’t be another time, and that sucks to, like, have to feel that.”

And while Jana says she knows nothing really happened in this incident, she notes, “I need him to understand how deep that wound is for me when I discover something, whether he did something or not,” adding, “That is just like — it’s painful. And I just can’t physically hold that anymore.” 

Source: New York Post

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