Is Carrie Underwood Pregnant With Twins?

Carrie Underwood has been out of the public eye since falling and cutting her face last year, but some folks think she’s been hiding more than just her face from fans. According to a tabloid report, sources close to Carrie think she may be pregnant, and expecting not one, but two babies.

“Friends think Carrie is pregnant, and the buzz is that she’s expecting twins,” a source tells “Life & Style" magazine. “If you know Carrie at all, she’s been wanting at least two more kids since she had Isaiah in 2015. Twins would be music to her ears!”

So, why do her friends think she’s in a family way? Well, they say that despite her strict fitness regime she’s “been putting on weight lately.” “She’s eating far more than she ever did last time she was pregnant and craving foods like dark chocolate and Subway veggie sandwiches,” the insider notes. “Carrie’s also been scaling back on sessions with her personal trainer.” They also says she’s also been talking about babies a lot lately.

Carrie has yet to confirm or deny the rumors. 

Source: Hollywood Life

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