Folks Reveal Things They Did As A ChildThat Kids Today Wouldn’t Understand

As much as we would sometimes love things to stay the same, it’s inevitable that things will change, some things for the better, and some not so much. Things we loved (and hated) to do as a child may not be the same for kids today, and they may not realize what they’re missing.

Well some folks decided to reminisce on some of those things that are gone after someone on Reddit posed the question: “What is something you did as a child that kids nowadays won't understand?” 

Things kids nowadays won’t understand include:

  • “Waited for your favorite songs to come on the radio so you could tape record them.”
  • “Going to blockbuster and picking out movies.”
  • “Knocked on each others houses to see if they wanted to come out. No texting before hand. Just literally showing up, unexpected.”
  • “Rewinding a movie after you’ve watched it.”
  • “Wrote down friends’ contact information in address books.”
  • “Walking to the shop with a handwritten note and $10 to buy dads beer.”
  • “Having to get off the computer because mom needed to make a phone call.”
  • “Trying to fit a walkman in your pocket.”
  • “Rushing to go to the bathroom and get snacks during commercial breaks.”
  • standing up from the couch to change the channel on TV
  • “Calling your friend on the house phone and having to awkwardly ask their parents if you can speak to them if they answered instead.”
  • “Having a 2-3 hour window on a Saturday and Sunday morning when cartoons were aired. If you slept in, no cartoons.” 

Source: Reddit

Thought Starters…

  • Oh, that radio one was brutal…
  • What are some things from your past that kids today would never understand?
  • Is there anything from your childhood that you really wish still existed today? What and why?

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