Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard Raising Healthy Eaters

While a lot of parents may deal with kids who are picky eaters, Tyler Hubbard isn’t one of them. The Florida Georgia Line singer and wife Hayley have three kids and they are all pretty healthy eaters.

“They eat the same thing we eat every night. That’s kind of our thing,” he shares. “Like, whatever’s on our plate, that’s what’s on the menu tonight. There’s no other options.” 

Tyler even planted a garden as a way to encourage his kids to eat healthy, with them helping him maintain it.

“They’re intrigued by it so much and fascinated, and love even just pickin’ it off the vine and eatin’ it,” he says. “It’s definitely not how I grew up but I’m really happy that we are where we’re at, and it’s fun to see the kids happy about eatin’ healthy food.”

Source: Florida Georgia Line

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