Fans Can Expect “Honesty” And “Joy” From Kip Moore’s New Album

Kip Moore’s fourth studio album, “Wild World,” drops today, and he says fans should expect to hear “honesty” on the record.

“I think they’re gonna find themselves wanting to dig up some of their owns bones that they’ve buried, some of those regrets from their past that have been weighing them down,” he says, “and I think it’s gonna make them feel safe in their own vulnerabilities to face those regrets and try to find peace in ‘em.” 

Kip also hopes fans experience “joy” listening to the album, noting, “I hope that it means something to them the same way it did for me.”

Check out the track list for “Wild World” below:

  • “Janie Blu”
  • “Southpaw”
  • “Fire and Flame”
  • “Wild World”
  • “Red White Blue Jean American Dream”
  • “She’s Mine”
  • “Hey Old Lover”
  • “Grow On You”
  • “More Than Enough”
  • “Sweet Virginia”
  • “South”
  • “Crazy For You Tonight”
  • “Payin’ Hard” (Daly, Davis, Moore)

Source: Kip Moore


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