Eric Church Understands Why Fans Relate To “Some Of It”

Eric Church’s latest single “Some of It” is climbing the charts, and he thinks he knows why fans, especially the older ones, seem to relate to it so much. 

“That’s a song, a coming-of-age song, it’s an adult song,” Eric shares. “It’s adult music. If you listen to the thematics in that and what it’s about, it’s about being older and having some wisdom about you.”

Eric wasn’t actually going to include “Some Of It” on his album, “Desperate Man,” but decided to add it at the last minute. “It was just one of those freak things that I put it on the album, the last song on the album,” he says. “...and all of a sudden it becomes the pillar or one of the pillars on the album.”

Source: Eric Church

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