One of the highlights of Thursday's ACM Awards show was the unlikely appearance of Ed Sheeran - and then the equally unlikely duet he performed with Luke Combs.

If you recall, Sheeran came out solo - and then BFF Luke joined him on the second verse of the new song, "Life Goes On" - and response in the room and on social media was resoundingly positive.

Not sure if it was the plan all along or a result of the overwhelming response, but a studio version of the track dropped over the weekend - an official release from Sheeran. The version that's been officially released is a studio recording of the duet. The original appears on Sheeran's new album, "-," pronounced "Subtract." Check it out the Sheeran/Combs version to the right.

As for Sheeran's comfort level with the country genre, he's a fan - and his wife is an uber-fan. On top of that, he moved to Nashville several years ago, because, as a songwriter, he felt that Nashville was "the home of music now...I moved there in 2018 and it's a fantastic place if you want to be a songwriter." He also toured with Taylor Swift, who knows a little something about country. 

Source: Good Morning America

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