Dating Coach Claims “3-4 Rule” Can Help Anyone Find Their Person

Looking for “the one?” Dating coach Amy Nobile thinks she can help you find them. She typically charges clients $10-thousand for her services, but she’s sharing her “foolproof method” for weeding out dud matches for free. With the “3-4 rule,” she says singles can find their ideal partner, as long as they learn four key principles about their love interest by the end of the date.

Those principles are:

  • Chemistry - When you feel some sort of connection
  • Core values - This is different for everyone, but can include family planning, career goals, personal goals, religion and other lifestyle choices
  • Emotional maturity - It’s also important to know your date’s emotional availability
  • And relationship readiness - Is your date ready for a romantic relationship right now?

Nobile explains that her method lets daters look at the big picture, not just focus on if sparks are flying.

And when singles go on those three important dates, this is what she advises to find out those four revealing principles:

  • Dates one and two - Discuss career and relationships. The dating pro says asking specific questions can help you learn about your date’s career and passions, as well as the kind of relationship they’re looking for and their relationship history. She says this is also the time to find out about their long-term goals.
  • Date three - Time to talk family and dealbreakers. Get into specifics about relationship dealbreakers, marriage and family plans and communication styles.

And if your date doesn’t check all four of those boxes at the end of the third date? Nobile says, “It’s a sign they aren’t your person.”

Source: Insider

Thought Starters:

  • At least the chemistry is easy to figure out!
  • This could definitely help us save some time going out with the wrong person, again!
  • Think you could know if you’ve got a keeper after just three dates?

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