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Cringey Work Buzzwords People Can’t Stand

When you spend a lot of time with the same people, you tend to start to talk more like them. It’s true of groups of friends, as well as people at our jobs, and after a while, those shared buzzwords and phrases can get overused and become extremely annoying, especially to outside ears. These are some of the buzzwords that people are really tired of hearing at work:
“A lot of people at my job have started saying 'double click' and I HATE IT. Instead of 'let’s focus' or 'dig deeper' or whatever, it’s 'Let’s double click on that.' HOW 'BOUT NO.”
“I think every single teacher will back me up on these: learning loss, asynchronous/synchronous instruction, CRT, indoctrination, rigor, and 
give students grace.”

‘“Team’ and ‘family.’ We’re neither.”
“Educator here. If I hear the words 'pivot' or 'flexibility' one more time, I will get sick.”
“‘Guest.’ No, those are CUSTOMERS. They are exchanging money for goods and services. Guests are not expected to pay.”
‘“Touch base’ sounds gross, but then some people say ‘touch bases,’ which sounds grosser. Also, ‘reach out,’ ‘connect,’ just say ‘I'll call you.’ It's okay.”
“If I ever read the phrase, ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’ again, it'll be too soon. I'm all for cooperative support, but I'm about 112% sure my current job isn't anybody's dream, and even if it were (yikes!), let's try, just a tiny bit, not to sound so much like a cutesy cat poster.”
‘“Awesome sauce’ can go directly to h*ll.”
‘“A deep dive.”
‘“Controlled chaos.’ AKA, ‘Even though I'm the manager, everything's a big problem, and it's not my job to tell people how to do their job, which then makes it everyone else's problem.’”
“If anyone ever says ‘crushing it’ as in, ‘Sarah is crushing those outbound calls,’ or, ‘You’re crushing it guys,’ I want to scream. I’m in sales and this is like a six times a day phrase. Enough with the frat bros.”
‘“The new normal’ — it makes me sad and angry at the same time.”
‘“It is what it is.’ Eurgh. Sounds so fatalistic. I hate it.”
And finally, “‘Unprecedented times.’ I work for a hospital and I cannot even estimate how many times this phrase has been uttered since Covid.”

Source: BuzzFeed
Talk Back:
How did “wheelhouse” and “circle back” not make this list of gripes?
What phrase or word can you not stand hearing at work?
What buzzword do you love to use, knowing it drives other people crazy?

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