Color analysis is big on TikTok, as users talk about how colors can affect your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state. Michelle Lewis, a color-psychology expert, explains the benefits of wearing different colors.

  • Red may boost your energy - When you’re feeling exhausted or need a pick-me-up, red may be the hue to wear. Lewis says it’s the color of action and physicality and red can help us wake up and feel more energized.
  • Shades of orange tend to help people feel balanced - It’s great to wear on high-stress days as orange may help keep the body calm.
  • Yellow is associated with joy and hope - According to Lewis, yellow can make you feel happier, hopeful and may even help with focus.
  • Go with blue to inspire inspiration - This expert explains that wearing blue may lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Blue has calming effects and it can also help people feel more trust with you, so it’s great to wear for a work meeting with a new client.
  • Pink can inspire comfort - It’s the color of softness and it can help you connect with the feminine side of things, Lewis says.
  • Green can also add balance - Shades of green can inspire calmness, ease stress and lift your mood.
  • Magenta tends to make you feel bolder - The color was named after a bloody battle during the Second Italian War of Independence, in Magenta, Italy, Lewis explains. Magenta can help spark action and help people feel more courageous.

Source: Insider

Talk Back:

  • So maybe the reason I’m tired all the time is that I don’t wear red?
  • What color do you wear when you need a confidence boost? What shades make you feel happy?
  • What color do you have your bedroom painted? What feeling does the shade give you?

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