Cody Jinks Dropping New Album In October

Cody Jinks is set to drop a new album this fall. The singer just revealed that his new record, “After the Fire,” will be released October 11th through his own label, Late August Records.

The album features 10 tracks, including a new take on “Think Like You Think,” from his 2008 debut “Collector’s Item.” Check out the track list below:

  • “After the Fire”
  • “Ain’t a Train”
  • “Yesterday Again”
  • “Tell Em What It’s Like”
  • “Think Like You Think”
  • “William and Wanda”
  • “One Good Decision”
  • “Dreamed With One”
  • “Someone to You”
  • “Tonedeaf Boogie”

Source: Rolling Stone

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