Carly Pearce Doesn’t Forget What It’s Like To Be A Fan At CMA Fest

Carly Pearce remembers what it’s like to be a music fan at CMA Fest, and she doesn’t plan to forget that now that she’s actually playing the festival. 

Carly notes, “I stood in line for hours for people like SheDaisy, people like LeAnn Rimes, Lee Ann Womack. All I wanted was just a glimpse to see them, let alone say hi to them.”

Knowing what it’s like to be a fan, Carly feels she has “responsibility” to make sure fans that come out to see her feel the same way. She notes, “I give them the same respect, and time, and genuine heart that I wanted and got when I was little.”

  • CMA Fest runs June 6th to 9th. Carly is set to perform at the HGTV Lodge on Friday, and the Chevy Riverfront Stage on Saturday. Click here for more CMA Fest info.

Source: Carly Pearce

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