Carly Pearce Angry Her Town Signs Have Been Stolen

As we previously told you, Carly Pearce was recently given the key to her Kentucky home town of Taylor Mill, which posted signs that read “Welcome to Taylor Mill, Hometown of Country Music Star, Carly Pearce.” Well, it didn’t take long for someone to steal those signs, with both of them nabbed within a week of the reveal. 

Needless to say, Carly is not at all happy about it. “It makes me want to say the F word,” she shares. “You know, it honestly pisses me off, if I’m completely honest with everyone.”  She adds, “My town spent so much time and money to honor me in this way and people are now not really affecting me, they’re affecting my town and I am pissed.”

Carly has put the thief on “blast,” but notes she’ll be more than happy to give them tickets or even a large photo for their bedroom, but warns, “But don’t steal from my damn hometown. I’m getting mad.”

Source: Carly Pearce

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