Brandi Carlile Dropping New Album In October

Brandi Carlile is ready to drop a brand new album. The singer announced that the record, “In These Silent Days,” will be released October 1st.

“Never before have the twins (Phil and Tim Hanseroth) and I written an album during a time of such uncertainty and quiet solitude,” Brandi shares. “Written in my barn during a time of deep and personal reckoning. There’s plenty of reflection…but mostly it’s a celebration.” She adds, “This album is what drama mixed with joy sounds like. It’s resistance and gratitude, righteous anger and radical forgiveness. It’s the sound of these silent days.”

Brandi also shared a new video for the album’s first single, “Right On Time,” which was directed by “Friends” star Courteney Cox, in which Brandi goes full glam. Check out the video to the right, and the track list below.

  • “Right On Time”
  • “You And Me On The Rock”
  • “This Time Tomorrow”
  • “Broken Horses”
  • “Letter To The Past”
  • “Mama Werewolf”
  • “When You’re Wrong”
  • “Stay Gentle”
  • “Sinners Saints And Fools”
  • “Throwing Good After Bad” 

Source: Brandi Carlile

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