Blanco Brown Announces Debut Album

Blanco Brown is ready to drop his full-length debut album. The singer announced that the record, “Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs,” will be released October 11th, featuring his nine-week Hot Country Songs number one, “The Git Up.” 

“This album represents everything I stand for and all of the different entities of my life—for a long time,” he says. “I was anxious about releasing my own music, I often wondered what the outcome would be and if people would accept my sound, culture, music and the TrailerTrap lifestyle but I’m finally ready to be my own narrator.”

He adds, “I credit my friends, fans and family for rooting me on, giving me the confidence I lacked and propelling me to this moment.” Check out the track list below


  • “Temporary Insanity”
  • “HeadNod”
  • “Funky Tonk”
  • “CountryTime”
  • “Georgia Power”
  • “Gemini (Damn Right)”
  • “Ghett Ol Memories”
  • “Don’t Love Her”
  • “Tn Whiskey”
  • “The Git Up” 
  • ONE MORE THING! Blanco just dropped the official video for “The Git Up.” Check it out to the right.

Source: Music Row

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