Blake Shelton Has Wife Gwen Stefani In Phone As “Girlfriend”

They’ve been married for over a year but it seems Blake Shelton still has trouble realizing that Gwen Stefani is his wife. In an interview with “Today,” Blake admits Gwen is “still in [his] phone, literally, as ‘My Girlfriend.'" 

“I guess when you’re our age — and we’ve been together for seven years — it still seems like it’s pretty new to me,” he says. “The nervous phase is still there.”

  • Blake also noted that Gwen seems to be fond of his 80s mullet, which he sports in his new video for “No Body.” “To Gwen, that’s like an exotic, weird thing. … She was never around people who had mullets,” he shares. “To her, it’s cool, and she probably wishes that I had one [in real life].”

Source: Today

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