Ashley Monroe Battling Cancer

Ashley Monroe is battling cancer. The Pistol Annies singer revealed on Instagram that she’s about to begin chemotherapy to fight the disease.

The singer reveals that after doing some routine lab work doctors discovered she was anemic, and then further tests showed she has “a rare kind of blood c word" called “waldenstrom macroglobulinemia,” which is “a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.”

Ashley, who is married and has a son, Dalton, starts chemo today, and notes, “I’m thankful I have an illness that is VERY live with-able. I’m thankful there IS a treatment that actually works to fight what is causing harm to my body.”

Fnally she notes that she’s “THANKFUL for friends and family who have gathered around me praying and sending flowers and letting me lean on them during this super weird chapter of my life,” adding, “Thankful for my angel son. Who I am fighting for the most.”


Source: Ashley Monroe

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