Americans Are Territorial When It Comes To Their “Spot” in The Home

On “The Big Bang Theory” one of the recurring jokes was Sheldon getting upset when someone sat in his “spot” on the couch, but it turns out he isn’t the only one who gets bent out of shape when that happens.

A new survey finds:

  • Two-thirds of Americans are obsessed with keeping their “spot” on the sofa.
  • 66% of folks say they have unofficial assigned seating throughout their house.
  • 68% of people describe themselves as “passionate” about their spot, whether it’s on the couch, at the kitchen table or somewhere else.
  • Folks are so territorial about their spot that it causes arguments with their family twice a month.
  • For 55% of people, they feel uncomfortable sitting anywhere other then their specific spot.
  • If someone was in their spot, 25% of people say they would claim it as their own and politely ask the person to move.
  • As for why they love their spot so much, 63% say it’s because they associate it with certain positive memories.

Source: SWNS Digital

Thought Starters…

  • And some people thought Sheldon was crazy…
  • Do you have certain “spots” that you claim as yours in your house? Where is it? Did you claim it or is it just accepted that it’s your place to sit?
  • Do you have issues sitting anywhere else but your spot? Why?
  • What would you do if someone tried to sit in your spot in your house? Have you ever asked someone to move and they refused? What happened?

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