IMPORTANT: It's a Serious Matter of Life

Aaron Watson Opens Up About Vocal Cord Injury

Aaron Watson’s new album “Unwanted Man” drops today but you won’t see him out promoting it with performances. That’s because right now Aaron is unable to speak or perform because he’s dealing with a vocal cord injury.

“This is the first time in 20 years and probably 2,500 shows where I've been physically incapable of singing," he tells People. "Somehow my vocal cords became severely inflamed, which led to some other issues requiring a good amount of time to heal.”

He adds, “The good news is that it's not a career-ending injury or anything requiring surgery," noting, "I feel great, besides the 'not being able to sing' situation."

Aaron admits not being able to sing has been “frustrating” for him. “I've already had to take all this time off due to COVID,” he says. “Singing is what I love to do and it's how I provide for my family, so there's been some challenges but that's just life."

Source: People

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