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Luke Combs Teases New Song "Love You Anyway”

  • Luke Combs gave fans a sneak peek into his new song “Love You Anyway”
  • The singer posted a clip on his Instagram, a follow up to a sneak peak from 2020
  • Combs has an album coming March 24th
  • Source: Billboard

Mark Wystrach Of Midland Is Nostalgic For The ‘70s

  • Mark Wystrach is a fan of the vibes of the ‘70s
  • The Midland lead singer says it was a “simpler time” when people were more connected
  • Source: Big Machine

Brett Young Reveals His Music Idols Are...Boyz II Men!

  • Brett Young revealed that his music idols are Boyz II Men
  • Young says the group was a major influence on his song “You Didn’t”
  • Young even FaceTimed Wayna from Boyz II Men to sing “You Didn’t”
  • Source: Big Machine

Justin Moore Says He Won't Chase Trends, Will Keep Making "Traditional Country”

  • Justin Moore admits he was worried if he could keep up with changes in country music taste
  • Moore points to the popularity of pop & hip-hop elements in country as what worried him at points in his career
  • Moore is happy that tastes have gone back to what he calls “traditional country”
  • Source: Big Machine

More Country News Jan 12th

  • Dolly Parton Gets Her Own Funko Pop
  • Jimmy Allen Is Looking For A Duet Partner
  • George Strait Honors Law Enforcement Officials With Sentimental Post

Elle King Drops New Meaning Of ‘Tulsa’ In Latest Release

  • Elle King has a new single “Tulsa”
  • King said fans will know what she’s talking about “If you spell it back to front“
  • The single was released ahead of her album “Come Get Your Wife” expected to drop January 27th
  • Source: Instagram/Elle King

Jelly Roll Earns First #1 At Country Radio

  • Jelly Roll has scored his first number one hit at Country radio with “Son of a Sinner”
  • Jelly Roll thanked his fans on Facebook, saying he was crying at the news
  • Jelly Roll said there is “no greater reward…than to have the #1 song on country radio”
  • Source: Billboard

Blake Shelton Reveals Jimmy Buffet Actually Wrote His "Barmageddon" Song!

  • Blake Shelton is the voice behind USA Network’s new show “Barmageddon” theme song
  • It turns out Jimmy Buffett is the writer of the song
  • Buffett liked the name “Barmageddon” so much that he wanted to write just for it
  • Source: Country Now

Connor Smith's Goal For 2023? Making "Taking It Slow" #1 On The Charts!

  • Connor Smith says his new goal is to get “Taking It Slow” to the top of the charts
  • Smith released a song called "I Hate Alabama", which went viral on TikTok in 2021
  • His 2022 single “Learn from It" has made the top 40 on Country Airplay
  • Source: Big Machine

Luke Combs Announces New Album Coming in March

  • Luke Combs has announced a new album coming March 24th
  • There are few details about the project, but he has teased some tracks 
  • The album will have a total of 18 tracks
  • Source: Instagram/Luke Combs

Moore Reveals When He Knew Priscilla Block Was The Duet Partner He Needed

  • Justin Moore has revealed that when he saw Priscilla Block sing he knew he had to duet with her
  • Priscilla blew him “out of the water” when he saw her sing
  • Justin & Priscilla hit the road next month for the “You, Me & Whiskey Tour”
  • Source: Big Machine

Shania Twain Drops New Single “Giddy Up!” And Video

  • Shania Twain has released a new song “Giddy Up!”
  • Twain released a video in conjunction with the catchy song, feature lots of dancing
  • The new song teases her upcoming album “Queen of Me” expected to release February 3rd
  • Source: Youtube/Shania Twain

Lainey Wilson's New Year's Resolution Is About Her Rear End

  • Lainey Wilson gained TikTok stardom due to videos making fun of her backside
  • The country star has leaned into the memes, saying she doesn’t care how people find out about her as long as they listen to her music
  • Wilson shared her New Year’s resolution is “to maintain my big a** so more people can kiss it”
  • Source: Country Now

George Strait Reveals Fool-Proof Hangover Cure

  • George Strait says that eating menudo cures his hangovers
  • Menudo is a fish soup, not the Mexican band, using Tripe
  • George Strait owns a tequila brand Código Tequila, so he might know a thing or two about hangovers
  • Source: The Daily Beast

More Country News Dec 29th

  • Bailey Zimmerman Talks About Being Recognized
  • Jimmie Allen’s Take On “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

How To Deal With “Overwhelm Freeze” To Get Things Done

  • When you have so many things to do, but can’t bring yourself to start any of them, it’s called “overwhelm freeze.”
  • It’s not so much that you don’t know where to start, how to start is the problem.
  • These are strategies for overcoming overwhelm freeze so you can actually be productive.
  • Source: Lifehacker

Kelsea Ballerini’s Firm Stance On When To Take Down Christmas Decorations

  • Kelsea Ballerini says the right time to take down your Christmas decorations is “never.”
  • She says her family leaves the Christmas lights up “all year.”
  • Ballerini also says her family wears “obnoxious, embarrassing pajamas” for Christmas, even if they leave the house.
  • Source: Taste Of Country
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